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OPTIMAXX Screw Challenge Pack With Case & Wera PZ2 Bits
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OPTIMAXX Screw Challenge Pack With Case & Wera PZ2 Bits£41.63£49.95
OPTIMAXX Challenge Screw Pack£69.65£83.58
OPTIMAXX 4 X 25mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 200)£2.80£3.36
OPTIMAXX 4 X 30mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 200)£3.05£3.67
OPTIMAXX 4 X 40mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 200)£3.93£4.71
OPTIMAXX 4 X 50mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 200)£5.20£6.24
OPTIMAXX 5 X 50mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 200)£7.16£8.60
OPTIMAXX 5 X 60mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 200)£8.76£10.52
OPTIMAXX 5 X 70mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 200)£10.18£12.22
OPTIMAXX 5 X 80mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 200)£11.71£14.05
OPTIMAXX 5 X 100mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 200)£18.62£22.34
OPTIMAXX 6 X 100mm Performance Wood Screw (Box of 100)£21.75£26.09
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Double reinforced collar, significantly strengthens the underside of the head, preventing snapping and allowing a deeper Pozi. recess.
Razor sharp point as low as 20 degrees with a thread that extends to the tip of the screw - giving you an immediate start even with the hardest, smooth surfaces.
Sharp, wide deep thread formation coated with a unique lubricant
Unique 24 slots cut into the underside of the head for self countersinking into all materials with out the need to counter sink.
Challenge pack contains the following screw sizes-
200 3.5 X 20mm
200 3.5 X 25mm
200 4.0 X 30mm
200 4.0 X 35mm
200 4.0 X 40mm
200 4.0 X 50mm
200 4.0 X 60mm
200 5.0 X 50mm
200 5.0 X 70mm
200 5.0 X 80mm
200 5.0 X 100mm
100 6.0 X 80mm
Includes free Optimaxx Sorta 13 compartment storage case & 10 Wera PZ2 Bi Torsion screwdriver bits.