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Bessey GM30Z-2K Omega All Steel Screwclamp Capacity 30cm
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Bessey GM30Z-2K Omega All Steel Screwclamp Capacity 30cm£44.00£52.80
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Product Code: BESGM30Z2K

Unique, patented OMEGA bend

The innovative OMEGA screw clamp is produced entirely from BESSEY precision steel. A lightweight screw clamp that is both extremely easy to handle, and exceptionally robust. But the real innovation is its unique, patented OMEGA bend. This allows increased
deflection of the fixed jaw, adding lateral tension to the screw resulting in considerable reduction in the resonant frequency. That means that, even when vibrations are present, this clamp will maintain its clamping pressure longer than conventional screw

Clamping force up to 5,000 N
High-quality 2-component plastic handle
Pressure plates may be changed without tools
Universally applicable within the fields of wood and metal processing

Your benefits at a glance:
1 Innovative OMEGA bend
The patented OMEGA bend gives you added safety. It means you lose even less clamping pressure, even when vibrations are present.

2 Versatility
Fixed arm and pressure plate are produced and tempered from a single piece of high quality BESSEY steel. Clamping is resilient and elastic.

3 Close flat clamping
The OMEGA bend applies the rail absolutely flat to the surface of the work piece. This allows clamping right into the corners.

4 BESSEY Best-Comfort-System
With BESSEY Best-Comfort-System, all applications and tasks are well within your grasp. Pressure plates can
be changed quickly without the need for tools, to make BESSEY comfort still more inviting.