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Stabila 106T-183 Level Extendable 183-315cm
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Stabila 106T-183 Level Extendable 183-315cm£186.97£224.36
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Product Code: STB106T183

This distinctive spirit levels extremely strong double-chamber profile has 2 finger holes with the red coated end being telescopic.

The extremely sturdy construction, in conjunction with the strong eccentric clamp, ensures a high level of accuracy when extended to any position.

The printed length scale is ideal for setting the extended length.
small plates are provided on one side to even out any irregularities.

A reliable partner when aligning higher and longer constructions.
Light metal rectangular profile with 1 horizontal vial and 2 vertical vials.

Measurement accuracy: in the normal position 0.029° = 0.5 mm/m.

When extended in normal position: 0.057° = 1.0 mm/m. For overhead measurements (in closed position): 0.043° = 0.75 mm/m.

A level which extends from 183 to 315cm. Useful for checking high or long work. Where you can measure and level at the same time.
Level has 2 hand grips for easy control.
Vials : 3