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FEIN SUPERCUT 240V Window set
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FEIN SUPERCUT 240V Window set£506.57£607.89
FEIN SUPERCUT 110V Window set£506.57£607.89
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Product Code: FEIN72363651-2
The powerful system for interior fitting and renovation with special accessories for dismantling old windows and replacing putty-mounted insulation windows.
Input  400 W 
Output  220 W 
Oscillations  11 000-18 500 R.P.M 
Cable with plug  5 m 
Weight according to EPTA  1,45 kg 
Chuck  QuickIN 
Supplied with-
1 FEIN SuperCut Construction in a plastic tool case
1 HSS saw blade, cropped, 100 mm
1 HSS saw blade wood
1 E-Cut saw blade standard (form 124)
1 each E-Cut universal saw blades (form 147, 148)
1 Cutter blade, mushroom shaped
1 depth stop
1 sanding pad
5 Sanding sheets each grit size (K 80, 120, 180)
1 adapter and 2 tensioning elements
FEIN SUPERCUT 115 80mm Diamond saw blade£116.40
FEIN SUPERCUT 103 80mm HSS Saw blade£50.86
FEIN SUPERCUT 102 63mm HSS Saw blade£48.84
FEIN SUPERCUT 119 35mm E-Cut precision saw blade£21.68
FEIN SUPERCUT 120 45mm E-Cur precision saw blade£22.28
FEIN SUPERCUT 121 55mm E-Cut precision saw blade£22.86
FEIN SUPERCUT 122 65mm E-Cut precision saw blade£23.42
FEIN SUPERCUT 123 32mm E-Cut standard saw blade£15.46
FEIN SUPERCUT 124 42mm E-Cut standard saw blade£16.10
FEIN SUPERCUT 136 65mm E-Cut standard saw blade£18.24
FEIN SUPERCUT 147 28mm Bi-Metal saw blade£21.46
FEIN SUPERCUT 148 44mm Bi-metal saw blade£22.04
FEIN SUPERCUT 155 80mm Carbide saw blade (thin)£45.80
FEIN SUPERCUT 156 80mm Carbide saw blade£45.80