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Carroll & Meynell 1500/2 Twin Outlet Transformer 1.50 kVA...
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Carroll & Meynell 1500/2 Twin Outlet Transformer 1.50 kVA CM1500£83.32£99.98
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Carroll & Meynell
Product Code: C/M15002

Primarily for use when using portable electric tools' class='desclinks'>tools on outdoor sites.

- Manufactured to BS3535
- Thermal overload protection
- BS4343 output sockets' class='desclinks'>sockets as standard
- Glass reinforced polyester case
- Input flex and 13 amp plug
- Transformer completely encapsulated for extra weatherproofing

These transformers are rated for intermittent operation at their maximum listed power capability for a duty cycle of 25%. I.e. 5 minutes 'ON' 15 minutes 'OFF'. They may be used in a continuous operation mode at a rating of 50% of their maximum capability. E.g. a 3.3KVA unit may be operated continuously at 1.65KVA

Tool Rating 1.50 KVA.
Output Sockets. 2 x 16amp.

Transformer Specifications

Input 240 volts 50Hz single phase. Complete with 2 metres of 3-core flexible cable to BS6500 for connection to mains supply and a 13 amp plug.

Output 110 volts. Centre tapped and earth screen between primary and secondary windings which is bonded to the centre tap of the secondary winding, the earth pin on each output socket and earth core of the mains input plugs and sockets' class='desclinks'>sockets.

BS4343 flush type sockets' class='desclinks'>sockets with spring flap covers fitted as standard. Units are protected by suitably rated thermal overload cut-outs.

Portable Tool Transformer - Safety Instructions
1. The transformer will get warm in normal use, make sure that the heat will not damage any floor covering that it is standing on. It is not advisable to place the transformer onto carpet, vinyl floor covering, etc., and use at continuous rating for any length of time.

4. Although the transformer may be of insulated construction, it is not double insulated (class 2) and the earth pin of the output socket must be connected to the centre point of the secondary winding and to the transformer incoming earth.

2. The transformer may be fitted with an over temperature cut-out switch, in the event of this operating, let the unit cool down then reset the cut-out switch before using again.

5. Power tool transformers must not be tested as class 2 appliances on portable appliance testers' class='desclinks'>testers, flash test only at 1.5 KV.

3. Check the transformer power rating against the power rating of the tool you are going to use. The transformer can supply portable tools' class='desclinks'>tools in normal use up to the rating shown on the transformer and consultation with the above table. Care should be taken when using the transformer to supply constant loads, i.e. floodlights, wallpaper strippers etc. The transformer can only supply about half of its rated power to continuous load like this.

6. Power tool transformers have an inherent high inrush current, in the event of the fuse blowing on switch, check that the fuse in the input plug is suitably rated and is of the anti surge type. Miniature circuit breakers protecting the sockets' class='desclinks'>sockets should have a type 4 tripping characteristic.