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WERA RED BULL 28 Pc. 1/2" ZYCLOP SET 05227701001
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WERA RED BULL 28 Pc. 1/2" ZYCLOP SET 05227701001£88.33£106.00
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Product Code: 05227701001

Indispensable for all motor sport fans with demands on high quality tools' class='desclinks'>tools: The Red Bull Racing Zyklop Speed Set – made by Wera. Incredibly compact set design with many tools' class='desclinks'>tools cleverly arranged in a minimum of space.  Includes the Zyklop Speed – probably the fastest ratchet in the world – and also combines 5 types of ratchet in a single tool plus screwdriving function. In a lightweight yet robust textile box in the Red Bull Racing design – it can even survive a fall unscathed with no need for resetting of tools' class='desclinks'>tools. The reverse of the box has a nonwoven surface and it also comes with a Velcro strip to affix the box to any surface. Comprises 9 Zyklop sockets' class='desclinks'>sockets, 15 bits, 2 extensions and 1 bit adaptor.
Freely pivoting 1/4" ratchet head with 5 predefined locking' class='desclinks'>locking positions for better access
Fine-pitched with 72 teeth, ideal for confined spaces
Free-turning spin-sleeve for high working speeds and free nut running
Press-button socket and accessory lock, in all ratchet head positions

"8000 A: 1x 1/4"" Zyklop Speed Ratchet x 152mm;
8794 LA: 1x Zyklop-Extension, long, 1/4"" x 150mm;
8794 A: 1x Zyklop Wobble Extension, 1/4"" x 56mm;
8784 A: 1x Zyklop Bit Adaptor, 1/4"" x 37mm;
851/4 TZ PH: 1x PH 1 x 50 mm; 1x PH 2 x 50 mm; 1x PH 3 x 50 mm;
855/4 TZ PZ: 1x PZ 1 x 50 mm; 1x PZ 2 x 50 mm;
840/4 Z Hex-Plus: 1x SW 3,0 x 50 mm; 1x SW 4,0 x 50 mm; 1x SW 5,0 x 50 mm; 1x SW 6,0 x 50 mm;
867/4 Z TX: 1x TX 10 x 50 mm; 1x TX 15 x 50 mm; 1x TX 20 x 50 mm; 1x TX 25 x 50 mm; 1x TX 27 x 50 mm; 1x TX 30 x 50 mm;
8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4"" Sockets x23mm: 1x 5mm; 1x 5.5mm; 1x 6mm; 1x 7mm; 1x 8mm; 1x 10mm; 1x 11mm; 1x 12mm; 1x 13mm;"