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WERA RED BULL Bit Assortment: Tool-Check PLUS, 39-piece,...
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WERA RED BULL Bit Assortment: Tool-Check PLUS, 39-piece, 05227704001£70.00£84.00
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Product Code: 05227704001

Indispensable for all motor sport fans with demands on high quality tools' class='desclinks'>tools: The Red Bull Racing Tool-Check PLUS – made by Wera. A tool combination comprising a ratchet, bits, sockets' class='desclinks'>sockets, quick-release chuck and a holder in a minimum of space – ultra-compact! Includes a bit ratchet for screwdriving jobs where a power tool or conventional hand tools' class='desclinks'>tools cannot be used due to insufficient space: robust, drop-forged, full steel design. Kraftform handle for pleasant, ergonomic working.  Comes with quick-release chuck for rapid bit change in the cordless driver. Incl. 7 sockets' class='desclinks'>sockets (1/4“), 28 bits and socket adaptor.
1/4" Mini ratchet, Kraftform holder, tough viscous bits, Rapidaptor holder, adaptor and 1/4" sockets' class='desclinks'>sockets
Ideal for working in confined spaces
Tough viscous bits for long term universal use
Use of 1/4" sockets' class='desclinks'>sockets also possible with the Wera adaptor 870/1
162 tool combinations; hand or power use

Set Contains--
"8001 A: 1x Zyklop Mini 1 Bit-Ratchet;
813: 1x Bit Holding Screwdriver Handle;
889/4/1 K: 1x Rapidaptor Bit Holder x 50mm;
870/1: 1x 1/4'' Sq-Hex Adaptor x 25mm;
8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4"" Sockets x23mm: 1x 5.5mm; 1x 6mm; 1x 7mm; 1x 8mm; 1x 10mm; 1x 12mm; 1x 13mm;
851/1 TZ  PH: 2x PH 1x25; 3x PH 2x25; 1x PH 3x25;
855/1 TZ  PZ: 1x PZ 1x25; 3x PZ 2x25; 1x PZ 3x25;
867/1 TZ  TX: 1x TX 10x25; 1x TX 15x25; 1x TX 20x25; 1x TX 25x25; 1x TX 30x25; 1x TX 40x25;
867/1 Z TX BO: 1x TX BO 10x25; 1x TX BO 15x25; 1x TX BO 20x25; 1x TX BO 25x25; 1x TX BO 30x25;
840/1 Z Hex-Plus: 1x SW 3.0x25; 1x SW 4.0x25; 1x SW 5.0x25; 1x SW 6.0x25; 1x SW 8.0x25;
800/1 TZ Slotted: 1x 1.0x5.5x25; "