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BAHCO ADJUST 3 8070, 8071 & 8073 3 PC Wrench Set
Sorry Discontinued
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Product Code: ADJUST3

The Bahco Series 80 Adjustable Wrenches have a phosphate finish with tapered jaws and a measurement scale on the fixed jaw. They have a 16º head angle with no protruding shank when fully open and a strong I section handle with a spring loaded square section, and a knurledA pattern of straight, angled, or crossed lines cut into the surface of a component to provide a better grip for the operator. adjusting nut.

Set includes;
1 x 150mm (6in) 8070 Adjustable Wrench 20mm Capacity.
1 x 200mm (8in) 8071 Adjustable Wrench 27mm Capacity.
1 x 250mm (10in) 8072 Adjustable Wrench 30mm Capacity.