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Faithfull Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set 30 in Carry Case
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Faithfull Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set 30 in Carry Case£60.76£72.91
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Product Code: FAIRBS30

A boxed set of 1/4in. Router Bits with 30 different cutter shapes which enable the creation of a variety of profiles, grooves and mouldings in softwoods, hardwoods, MDF or plywood.

Tungsten Carbide tips ensure long life and the sturdy aluminium storage case provides a safe place to store the bits when they are not being used.

Contents: One of each
Dia Depth
Straight Cutter 5.0mm 12mm
Straight Cutter 6.0mm 20mm
Straight Cutter 8.0mm 20mm
Straight Cutter 10.0mm 20mm
Straight Cutter 12.0mm 20mm
Straight Cutter 14.0mm 20mm
Straight Cutter 16.0mm 20mm
Straight Cutter 18.0mm 20mm
Straight Cutter 20.0mm 20mm
Dovetail Cutter 12.7mm 13mm
90 deg V cutter 9.5mm 9mm
90 deg V cutter 12.7mm 9mm
Core Box 3.2mm Rad 6.0mm 6mm
Core Box 6.35mm Rad 12.7mm 10mm
Classical Pannel 12.7mm 9mm
Guided Flush Trimmer 12.7mm 13mm
25 deg Guided Chamfer 16.0mm 9mm
45 deg Guided Chamfer 32.0mm 13mm
Roman Ogee 4mm Rad 25.0mm 12mm
Guided Rabbeting Cutter 28.6mm 13mm
Guided Cove 6.35mm 22.0mm 12mm
Guided Cove 9.5mm 28.0mm 12mm
Guided Rounding over
3.2mm Rad 15.0mm 7mm
Guided Rounding over
6.35mm Rad 22.0mm 12mm
Guided Rounding over
7.9mm Rad 25.0mm 14mm
Guided Rounding over
9.5mm Rad 28.0mm 14mm
Guided Beading
3.2mm Rad 16.0mm 8mm
Guided Beading
6.5mm Rad 22.0mm 12mm
Guided Beading
7.9mm Rad 25.0mm 14mm
Guided Beading
9.5mm Rad 28.0mm 15mm