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Wera Zyklop SA2 Socket Set 1/4in Drive Metric 42 Piece
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Wera Zyklop SA2 Socket Set 1/4in Drive Metric 42 Piece£175.00£210.00
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Product Code: WER003533

The Zyklop ratchet combines the functionality of five ratchet types and a driver' class='desclinks'>screwdriver in just one tool, as well as adding several completely unique features never seen before on a ratchet. Of industrial quality, it can take the harsh demands of workshop use, as well as delivering incredible working speeds. This speed results from the rotating mass design, in combination with the free wheel sleeve. Just like a spinning top, the user gives a brief spin and the ratchet turns quickly and steadily.

Its swivelling head brings to mind the image of a Cyclops, with its single eye in the middle of its forehead, hence the catchy Zyklop name - inspired by the distinctive product design. This unmistakable design is also carried across into the Zyklop box sets, which themselves introduce several unique fea-tures.

42 piece set, in strong metal case
1 Zyklop ratchet with 1/4 drive, 13 Zyklop sockets, 2 Zyklop flexible-lock extensions (short and long) with freewheel sleeve, 1 wobble extension, 1 T-handle, 1 universal joint,
1 adaptor with quick-release chuck, 22 bits

1 x 8000 A Zyklop ratchet with 1/4in drive

3 x 800/1 Z Slotted Bits 0.6 x 4.5mm, 1.0 x 5.5mm, 1.2 x 8.0mm
5 x 840/1 Z Hex-Plus Bits: 3.0mm ;4.0mm ;5.0mm ; 6.0mm ; 8.0mm
3 x 851/1 Z Phillips Bits PH 1 x 25mm; PH 2 x 25mm; PH 3 x 25mm
3 x 855/1 Z Poxi Bits PZ 1 x 25mm; PZ 2 x 25mm; PZ 3 x 25mm
8 x 867/1 Z TORX Bits TX 8, TX 9, TX10, TX15, TX 20, TX25, TX30, TX 40

1 x 8784 A1 Zyklop Adaptor
1 x 8789 A Zyklop Sliding T-Handle

13 x 8790HMA Zyklop sockets (metric) : 4.0 ;4.5 ;5.0 ;5.5 ;6.0 ;7.0 ;8.0 ;9.0 ;10.0 ;11.0 ;12.0 ;13.0 ;14.0

1 x 8794 A Zyklop Wobble Extension
1 x 8795 A Zyklop Universal Joint
1 x 8796 LA Zyklop Flexible Lock Extension 150mm
1 x 8796 SA Zyklop Flexible Lock Extension 75mm